Real Name: Lyeth Edrea Winters
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown


Lyeth was born to a military family, as most Unnaturals are, and moved about every four years. When her father finally retired it was in Illinois, and a month after that, both her parents died in a tragic car accident. The four children were sent to seperate relatives but Lyeth, too distraught, ran away, triggering her powers. Eventually, she ended up exhausted in the backstreets of Chicago. When a homeless man asked her for a light, she carelessly used a flaming finger to light his cigarette and ended up alarming many people. The man and the mob followed her relentlessly until she was cornered in a dead end alley way. Those chasing her knew of the reward the G.U.A.R.D.** had put out for any information on strange goings on, and were not about to let her go easily. She was rescued by two other young unnaturals, Mica and Aura, who pulled her through a brickwall and into their rock-shaped home. Lyeth has remained with them and the others Aura has rescued for years, often coming into conflict with the GUARD and the Hunter Squads they send out to regain those unnaturals lost to them.


Whitefyre is a telepath of staggering power, though it is not her own she uses. In a strange battle, she absorbed her cousin Aerik in a desperate attempt to keep him from using his black flame which steals lifeforce from killing her friends. It is his telelpathy she uses and he is now part of her, alert in the back of her mind. The two often have conversations with one another, Lyeth aloud. He helps her control this aspect of his abilities and at time will even take over her body if she allows it or is unconscious. She has access to any and all powers he held in physical form, and he can also use hers. Whitefyre has inborn telekinesis which she is still learning how to use, but her main power is her pyrokinesis, her power to generate and control flames. Her own are white and intensely hot unless she controls the temperature. She can fly on the heat generated by her white fire, and melt or incinerate objects, liquifying metals or turning sand into glass. She is remarkably skilled with her command over fire, natural and unnatural. She is no stranger to battles, and has engaged to GUARD many times. Aura has taught all the kids gymanstics, and Lyeth is quite flexible and quick. She knows some karate and tai kwan do, is skilled enough to hold her own in hand to hand combat, but leans heavily on her unnatural abilities. Lyeth is a R.UN.ner.***

Lyeth no longer has her telepathy, she has been separated from Aerik by Valyn de Balois who placed Aerik in the host body of an Eshva. Eshva are of demonic origin and have no vocal chords, which is only an annoyance to Aerik, who has his telepathy now, and retains his life-stealing black flames. In the process of the separation, Lyeth was badly hurt in her mind and it remains to be seen what the effects will be. Thanks to the unnatural healer, Leanne (filename: Cleric), Lyeth is fine. It took some time, but she's fully regained her mind once more. However, a residual effect does remain. The source of that massive gift is long gone, but Aerik had to restructure her mind to take his telepathy way back nearly 5 years ago, so she could handle the influx of a power she wasn`t built for, and he`d made the changes to remain permanent, in case he never got out. And to be the second strongest psi on the little planet would almost have to leave its mark somehow... it isn`t a true power, but she has mild, very mild, so-mild-they-wouldn`t -even-gauge-on-sensitive-GUARD-instruments mild... ESPer abilities. Namely, if she is in contact with another individual, or extremely close, and the thoughts were open, unshielded (it helps when they are loud and directed at her as well), she can pick them up. Not pluck them out of air, but she can catch them. It comes across as more of an intuitional thing than anything else, or so it seems. A sensitivity, like very low powered empathy. Anything more is beyond her abilities.


Contact is a friend of Lyeth's and a mutual friend of Chalyss'. Once known as an enemy, Contact has become a good friend to Lyeth, and her friends. She is one of the few people outside her own group who Lyeth trusts.


Chalyss is a good friend to Whitefyre and all her friends in their rather large group. Chalyss has fought next to her many times and hates the GUARD as intensely as any unnatural. Lyeth is grateful this woman is on her her side and not against her.


Valyn is the elf who tore Lyeth's mind mercilessly apart to place Aerik in the Evsha. She most likely will not be happy, nor stable, when she recovers from this molestation.


Aerik's new form, he is now in the beautiful body of a male Eshva, bereft of vocal capabilities, but still a devastating telepath. He enjoys his new freedom and seems unconcerned with Lyeth's plight. But then, he has always been a bit unstable himself.


Sai Canaan is a young mutant, much like Lyeth is an unnatural, and are basically the same thing. He was the first person she talked to at the tavern and thinks he is very cute, no matter what HE believes. She would like to get to know the young man a bit better, and help him if she can.

**...G.U.A.R.D.=Genetically Unnatural Apprehensions and Research Department
***R.UN.ner= Rogue Unnatural
((All Unnaturals receive their monickers from the GUARD, who use them as filenames. Whether they accept the use of the names or not is a personal choice.))

The Legal Mumbo Jumbo
All characters contained on following pages, or their distinct likenesses, the names Unnaturals, Hunters, R.UN.ners, GEMlabs, and G.U.A.R.D. are copyrighted under law by Rebecca Baerman, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1996, 1998, and 1999. Artwork excluded in this claim would be any that she herself did not draw which belong to their respective owners and creators legally. What will eventually be printed will not include borrowed images, and Rebecca Baerman makes no claim to them as her own.

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