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Ruelette..PsiWarp..Starchilde..Cleric..Legal Gobbledygook]


Real name: Jakorri Simone Walker
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Auburn


Jakorri, given the filename Aura by the GUARD, has a very simple and totally passive talent... that of reading other peoples' auras, a visible display around all living, sentient beings. She can see things in these colored nimbuses... tell if a person is natural, unnatural, or supernatural. She can discover odd, hidden things about a person as well. Like seeing into them, into their pasts and personalities. Her insights are always accurate and usually unnerving. An odd kind of empathy, she can view the emotions of others this way, whether they are lying or telling the truth, and even read their individual powers, whether inborn or not.

Aura has no other real powers, this one wholly passive. She has only her Olympic-level gymnastics (She teaches them and was almost in the Olympics, but fell out due to a growing spurt), and her martial arts skills. She's a blackbelt in Judo and Tai Kwan Do. Her main weapons of choice are her collapsable bo (staff) and her specialized tazer gun. An expert marksman, she's also a brilliant leader and strategist. She's very used to fighting and planning, and an old pro at outrunning the GUARD and any others. At the age of 25, she's one of the older unnaturals in existance.


Real name: Kevin Moore
Height: 6'
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: brown
Hair: dk. blonde


Kevin, filename: Livewire, is a living solar battery. His body harbors specialized cells which absorb ambient solar energy, particularly UV rays, and alter them into electrical charges of a sapphire color. Aside from the basic enhanced strength, speed and endurance all unnaturals share, he has no other power. Kevin has become quite proficient with his gifts over the years, and even more able to dodge the GUARDians who come after him. He's been up against the best including Old Scratch and Warpole. Kevin is quite aware of what the GUARD is capable... somehow, he's managed to survive this long, despite a rather flippant, devil-may-care attitude. Its also been proven he's more than a little paranoid and a bit too ready to deal out death for anyone he views as a threat or has threatened his friends. He is especially protective of his Lair mates and will even kill other RUNners if he thinks it'll help the survival chances of his friends (as seen when he electrocuted Lyta Hawthorne, Filenamed: Panacea).

Kevin prefers not to speak of his past, but his gifts first surfaced when his mother's boyfriend attempted to molest him. He was about 14 years old at the time, and while he'd dealt with (and tried to ignore) the older man's innuendos and advances, he simply couldn't anymore when the attack came, very forceful and very unignorable. He escaped being raped by drawing firstblood... and ran before the man's corpse had even stopped smoking, electrocuted to death by the terrified boy. Cooked alive, to be exact, and left as a crisp husk on the bedroom floor.

Kevin is well-versed in physical combat, knowing some martial arts, but mostly "winging it" and street fighting. He'll do whatever it takes to win, honor be damned... its caused him too many problems in the past, and he's decided to abandon it. Unfortunately, he's started to treat everyone as he's learned to treat the GUARD, even if they're natural and pose no true threat. You can never be too careful, he'll say. He has the physical strength and endurance of a young unnatural male his age who engages in intense regular exercise.


Real name: Austin McCarthy
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: dk. blue
Hair: black


Austin is a very, very rare Technopath, meaning he can interface with electrical equipment and devices as a telepath would a human (or otherwise) mind. He is the only existing technopath the R.UN.ners are aware of, though the GUARD has recently aquired one of their own, filenamed: VIRUS. The applications of such an ability are staggering, and Austin has proven how valuable and terrifying one can be when he assisted the RUNners in taking over the GUARD main complex with extreme ease. Or what appeared to be extreme ease; it actually wasn't easy at all and left deep, lasting scars on the boy's psyche. Barely 15 years old, he saw far too much violence, death and gore that day (that he was part of the ground infiltration team which included Chalice, Contact and Talon, some of the more violent ones out there, it's no surprise) to just forget it all. He's been marked for life by the experience, and rest assured, he'd never be able to do again what he did then concerning the GUARD. He has very few limits, as no-one has tried to shield against an attack of such a nature, save the GUARD who is now aware of his existence. And protected against it, at least somewhat (now that THEY have a technopath, Austin will be hard pressed to do much at all). There are times when extremely complicated machinery, programs or lines could cause him some struggle, but having no willpower or defences against a human with this brand of power, he can bypass it all, eventually.

Austin was discovered by Contact when she happened to be shopping in an electronics store. Very technically-minded herself, and GUARD trained, she realized the sudden 'problems' with the floor displays was more playful than anything, and it didn't take her long to find the young man who was off to the side, snickering at the chaos he'd created among the salepeople, who were in a complete panic. She tested his limits and abilities, trained him as well as she could, and then employed him in the massive RUNners' strike against the GUARD to destroy RazorShred. Thanks to Shutdown, and almost strictly to him (Aerik DID help, though), the RUNners won that day with minimal losses. Austin is currently with Contact, who is training him further.


Real name: Heather o'Rourke
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 114 lbs.
Eyes: green
Hair: blonde


Nightflash possesses the peculiar ability to absorb sound, the louder the better, and create nothing from it. True nothing, like corporeal vacuums, similar to the old Looney Toons "Acme Holes"... black flat discs Wile E. Coyote might slap against a rockface and then be able to reach through. This is similar to Nightflash's powers, though she must have sound to generate her base; discordance and a cacaphony work more quickly and with more effect than gentle, soothing sound. This leads one to believe its soundwaves which actually feed her gifts rather than the actual sounds themselves. And heavy punk thrash or an engine's roar would offer more than Chopin or a babbling brook. But anything will work, and she's been taught well how to use it; she's adept at creating nothing holes she can teleport (or 'step' through), though her distance is limited. She can perhaps step to another state, if she's pushing it to the limits, but 5 miles seems to be more the norm. The distance, as the size and 'strength' of her holes, seems to be directly connected to how much sound she's absorbed and nature of said sound. She can create walls of nothing, which she can move and control by thought, balls of nothing, and so on. She can go for 10 minutes at a flat run of her powers, but rarely has to continuously generate nothing for that long on end. Normally, as with most, she's afforded breaks in between use and takes this opportunity to regenerate both abilities and endurance.

Flash had a fairly typical childhood, her gifts not surfacing until she was 16, a little late for such a surfacing. She was quickly found by a Tracker scan going in her area and recruited by the GUARD the next week, after they put surveillence on her for a short time. Having the normal problems at home and the typical teenager rebellious streak, she agreed to abandon her family and took up residence with the GUARD, being trained at a base in Kansas, which was nearby. When she graduated she was transferred to the Main Complex in Oregon, where she remained until she went AWOL for the sake of Yoshi (Filename: WaterWeird... a name she gave him after their first encounter). She is currently still at large and on the lam.


Real name: Kelsin DuBois
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 116 lbs.
Eyes: blue
Hair: brown


Kelsin is a powerful telepath, one of the more powerful unnatural psionics on Earth, her power scales under Eclipse, PsiClone and Ei-Que alone (as far as anyone knows at this point). She has the extra bonus (a dubious honor, to be sure) of having been trained by Eclipse, so she's easily on the cutting edge of telepathy, her abilities and skills very similar to his or Ei-Que's, but on a much smaller scale. Still, she's able to rebuild minds, heal, shield, link, mindmeld and mindspeak, among other things. She holds a permanent psychic bond with her twin brother, Karson (Filenamed: Fury, a weather manipulator), and also keeps a recourser shield always about him, a talent learned from her teacher. Kelsin's powers also include pyrokinesis, flames a brilliant blue hue, hence her own Filename: Indigo. She's quite skilled in both facets of her powers, well-versed and trained in them.

Kelsin is a member of one of the unnatural groups who actually banded together to something like what the GUARD does, without the bring-back aspects... they police unnatural activities, keeping naturals free of the effects of what unnaturals can do, especially those who try to use their abilities for personal gain (and that does not mean a precognate who is a fortuneteller on the side, but those who would steal and hurt others, especially naturals, for their gain). They call themselves the FLD, or First Line of Defense, and are unknown to the general public, but have made a name for themselves in the unnatural fringe world. To cover their occasional public displays of powers, they've become rather famous local special-effects artists. Or at least, as far as anyone's concerned, that's what they are, operating under a genuinely registered tradename, First Line of FX Pty Ltd. This group consists of their leader Jerry Matthews (ECHO) and his wife Martje (ICE BIRD) (who was killed in the Main Complex breach), Molten, Fury, Poltergeist, Medic, Tap, Night Cat (deceased), Hehx, and Sabre. All the FLD knows of and has stood beside the Outcasts (Lair Brats) in the past, against the GUARD and other threats. The FLD is full of veteran RUNners and thankfully wealthy enough (or Jerry is) to keep up their facade and keep out of GUARD clutches because of it and their network of allies.


Real name: Tabitha Mansfield
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 136 lbs.
Eyes: brown
Hair: black, bleached to gradual white


Ring is a RUNner from Chicago who runs with a small gang of other unnaturals (Bronze, Fume, Candor, and Coil), all of which are good friends with the unnatural police officer, Martin Jaffe (MARTYR). They know the Outcasts, or most of them from before the kids left Chicago for Washington State. Ring has a strange taste in clothing and works out often, hence her massive physique. She often speaks with a harsh British accent, but has never been to England. Her abilities are similar to Venin's; Ring is able to transfer pain into energy blasts which emerge as visible physical rings of glowing pale light. She can take a great deal of damage physically, her body sponging the damage up and altering it, with the side-effect of bleeding the damage away, working as something like a helaing factor, but not quite. She will not heal from poisons or colds, only true physical abuse. In a fight, its not uncommon for her to run into a fist, or step into the path of an aluminum bat, or even to kick a brick wall with enough strength to shatter bone. The more damage, the more power she can use. She does have limits, however, and can be rendered unconscious, it just takes longer than normal due to her gifts. A mortal wound will not heal, so if she's shot through heart, while she may be able to squeeze off one last blast, she will die.

CANDOR displays the most painful truths of a person's heart, BRONZE can alter her skin into hyper-strong bronze-colored metal making her nigh impervious, FUME can alter his physical form into a mist and also control gases (yeah, just try to laugh at that when he removes all oxygen from your immediate vacinity), and COIL holds energy tentacles in visible sheaths on his forearms.

MARTYR is a young cop who can regenerate any part of his body... remove his head and it will regrow in a day or two. Cut off a limb and it will return an hour later. Unless he's carved into many tiny pieces and those shipped around the world, buried in metal trunks, he'll pull back together, alive. Even years later. There's a small problem with this however, beyond the fact he seems potentially immortal (he is not, he will age and eventually die... he hopes) and that is that more often this happens, the more his regeneration powers are employed, the more it hurts. Where he would have run in front of an oncoming vehicle without thought before (which earned him the monicker "Martyr" from his Force friends, not the GUARD), he might now hesitate, knowing he won't DIE, but also knowing the agony he'll have to endure in the regeneration. A small price for a life, many would think, but then they don't have to deal with the repercussions. If it only hurt a little, there'd be no problem....


Real name: Kirian Silk
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 124 lbs.
Eyes: black
Hair: black
Skin: white


Kirian hails from the South Australia GUARD Base, though she was born in Queensland. She has spinerettes in her palms which, like a spider's, produce silk. She can spin this silk into webs, cables, hammocks, etc... and silk, being inch for inch stronger than steel, is quite effective as a containment device. Yes, it can be burned through or cut through by the right devices, but it's not overly easy. And the silk, like webs, is sticky. She has other spider-like abilities as well, able to cling to walls, climb glass, leap tremendous lengths and heights, etc... she has superhuman strength and speed, above the unnatural norm. She also carries a few weapons, as befits a Hunter; some shield pods (3), an energy net gun (3 nets, keyed to targets) and a tazer-like weapon (4 charges). She is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, has had weapons training, skilled in computers and techno-things, trained in some martial arts, etc... standard GUARDian knowledge. No, she does not have a "spidey-sense".... but she does have six eyes.


Real name: Fabian LaRue
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: green
Hair: blonde


Ruelette was aptly Filenamed. She has six various abilities and she never knows which one will surface when she calls on her gifts... it's a complete gamble. These are: Weather manipulation, laser zaps, plasma shots, TK (incl. flight), invisibility, and super cold projection. She may also exhibit a wild card factor, meaning she pulls a power, not one of her normal six, from somewhere. Her durations last on 6 minutes currently and she needs to rest 6 minutes in between transfers. She has the strength, speed, agility and endurance of an unnatural female her age who engages in frequent rigorous exercise. She is trained in hand-to-hand combat, some martial arts, and techno-things.

Fabian was GUARD raised in the Midwest, around Nebraska. It has become her goal and dream in life to be transferred to the main complex in Oregon and make her mark next to the Greats like Venin, Warpole and Old Scratch. She studied hard, was treated well, loves the GUARD as her family and friends, will say little to nothing adverse regarding them, is gung-ho and excited to go out and hunt RUNners. She's a good girl with a good heart and a firm belief in the GUARD's codes and regulations.


Real name: Gabriel Madison
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eyes: blue
Hair: buff


Gabriel is possessed of a very distinct brand of telepathy, a kind which can bypass any type of psionic shielding because it never touches the mind of the victim. Instead, Gabriel 'reads' events imprinted on a person... anything that has helped shape a figure in the past he can see. And since this includes almost everything, his ability is vast. Around, indeed on the astral 'flesh' of a person, each incident which has occurred in that person's life is etched, embossed. Even if it's crossing the street or falling out of bed, it imprints. Psiwarp can see these, but he'll much more quickly pick up the truly impressing issues, violence or love or hate... these he sees far more readily. And he can 'pull' these off, projecting them onto a kind of screen his blue eyes produce. Yes, he can see them and yes, he can control what's played. He can change it, alter it, warp it. In the process, it also affects the mind of the victim, the impressions change, literally rewriting history. It changes so fully that even a psychic, or post cognate, or himself or any other telepath who looks upon it would see what he's twisted it into being. A creature who sees truths would even have a very hard time, for the new memory has become the truth, as if it happened. Different from a telepath's tamperings, because Psiwarp's power makes the victim's own mind do the work, those embossed experiences actually DO change to fit it. Its not a memory change one can just snap out of, its so utterly total, there IS nothing out of which to snap. And once the mind accepts what is being shown before their eyes, and any psionic shielding (which inevitably) lowers, his powers only intensify. What Psiwarps powers do is this: He projects the images he pulls off the aeriform. This allows both him and the victim to watch the events as many times as Gabriel wishes. His eyes and his gifts place the victim back INTO the display, let them relive the event(s) again, as if it were fresh, for the mind never forgets completely, just stores things away in the long term memory, able to retrieve them again when the cues are given. And this is what the mind does, pulls everything back out again, every feeling and emotion, every detail, everything, and the victim is there again, and the image plays, sometimes altered. And since it is altered swiftly, the mind has no time to rebel. He's never failed a task, though it takes much out of him. For an example of his powers at work, read what he did to Venin.

Psiwarp's particular gifts have never before been seen and the GUARD has him. The GUARD actually saved his sanity, for when Gabe's power first surfaced, he saw far too much and it threatened to overwhelm him, he was losing himself in so many others, his eyes spinning the tales before him, making him relive his own stories and others'. As the images became stronger, his sanity slipped further until the GUARD caught up with him. He was such a horrific weeping mess by that time, and having tangled with some particularly strong images of a cyhunter, at the very brink of insanity. They sent in Hyaline, invisible but tangible, and that inability for him to see her allowed her to approach him, take him back to the HeadQuarters, and work with him there. The two still have a very strong bond. Psiwarp tends to be rather cold and quiet, he has telepathy (as in reading minds, mindspeech), but its not his strength. He taught PsiClone (or helped to) and Rikky looks on Gabe as a mentor and until Rika, Gabe was Rikky's first and pretty much only, friend. PsiWarp has a rather unhealthy infatuation with Eclipse which does not extend to a sexual one.


Real name: Tayla Dreyer
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 80 lbs.
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde


Tayla was one of the very few children sold into the GUARD serum experiments, as her father was in massive debt from gambling. He'd borrowed from loan sharks and gotten into deep trouble with the mafia, so when the opportunity to make a lot of quick cash came in, he took it. His wife was unknowing, of course. He told her only that he'd managed to secure them some free prenatal care. Bankrupt, she was more than delighted and didn't ask why or how. Tayla was the product. Her powers manifested when she was nearly 15, scared her terribly and hurt more than a few others, children at school who had been teasing her about her height and other such things children will find to pick on.


Real name: Leanne Williams
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Eyes: brown
Hair: honey brown


**...G.U.A.R.D. =Genetically Unnatural Apprehensions and Research Department
***R.UN.ner= Rogue Unnatural ((All Unnaturals receive their monickers from the GUARD, who use them as filenames. Whether they accept the use of the names or not is a personal choice.))

The Legal Mumbo Jumbo
All characters contained on following pages, or their distinct likenesses, the names Unnaturals, Hunters, R.UN.ners, GEMlabs, and G.U.A.R.D. are copyrighted under law by Rebecca Baerman, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1996, 1998, and 1999. Artwork excluded in this claim would be any that she herself did not draw which belong to their respective owners and creators legally. What will eventually be printed will not include borrowed images, and Rebecca Baerman makes no claim to them as her own.