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Xadok Tye

Xadok, when mortal, was a young merchant with -many- connections. He knew who to go to, what to get, how to get it, etc... he was a wheeler and a dealer, extremely shrewd and impossible to out-maneuver. His lovely looks only helped. Swarthy skin of the desert dwellers, long, silky dark hair, eyes like chips of onyx, he was a lady's man, silver-tongued devil, and practiced charmer. He's slightly older than Galateia, and harbours his own specialized talent... that of knowing and producing what a heart desires the most. This manifests in an object of some kind... letter from a long gone loved-one, a childhood toy, a sweet, a locket, what have you. Any object works. From the victim's own desire, the thing is woven and if taken, will last no more than 72 hours and leave the one who accepted it, losing that which they wanted most, something of an empty husk afterwards. Such are the properties of any desire given and taken. The object will crumble into dust and the one who held it, wanted it, will lose part of themselves. Often times, this leads to horrible depression, even suicide. The item itself is magnetic to the one its created from, once produced, it calls, and lulls, like a strong pull, tugging on the heart, and even the soul. But Tye rarely ever makes one of these things without hearing, aloud first, the wants of the one in question.

Tye is the information getter if needed, he scopes places out, checks out people, serves the Overlords as a kind of scout. Always subtle, even crafty, he can shmooze with the best of them, convincingly acting a noble, courtier, prince, peasant, or pauper. He's like the ultimate spy and can readily alter his appearance as well. Infiltration is his main use. He prefers physical truths to illusions and glamouries. He's a hands on kind of guy. Totally loyal to the twins, street savvy, highly intelligent, non confrontational in physical matches (that's not his style), slick, charming, handsome, deceptively sweet.... Xadok is one of -the- best conmen ever.

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