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They call themselves the Overlords, out of arrogance, or perhaps that name was given them long ago out of reverence. Helfyre and Brimstoan, twins, sister and brother, lovers and rulers, are The Power behind the throne.. any throne, all thrones. They control nations and their leaders. They hide this behind many things, keep themselves unknown and undetected, layer upon layer of subterfuge and misdirection, and even the best, most comprehensive dig through the falsehoods will still not reveal who and what they are. And of course, any getting too close are killed off. Designed accidents.

They rule the world directly and indirectly, controlling trade, money, organized crime, Presidents, emperors, kings, embargos, tariffs, war, famine, etc... They have influence everywhere and in every position of power, or lack thereof. The innocent, the unknowing, best friends, most loyal servants, all of these are their pawns. Only those they allow to know about themselves will know. They have their own expendable servants, naturally, who serve directly under the twins, aside from those caught up in the webs and lies.

In them, supernatural and science strike head-on. In their whims and desires, the natural world was raped and made to hold the unnatural. They have their reasons, and disguised them as the reasons of others. Helfyre and Brimstoan themselves are a kind of hybrid creation... vampiric, demonic, more. What they are hardly matters, its what they do and what they've made that is important. They've existed through the ages, and all through that time, they've been obsessed with genetic playings. Gods, mythological beasts, those things made for fairy tales, they all existed. Modern tales.. The Jersey devil, "ghosts", energy beings, aliens, BigFoot even... they exist as well, under those names, but of origins far more mundane than what is believed. Mundane or fantastical. Depends on one's point of view.

The blending of bloods, breeds, even magical alterations before the technology of splicing and lasers, all this was used to fuel their maniacal need to make new species. Mostly, it was for amusement, for after so long a life time, what is there left to do for fun? At least this differed in results every time, a new thing to look at, to toy with. Pets, most of them. Now, The twins have their weaknesses, as beings of some sort of Darkness, they are submissive only to the sun, to certain trappings. Hatred of this lead to wanting to make a new breed of themselves, without the weaknesses... and this translated itself into the controlled, directed search that branched out and became known by many names down through the centuries... eventually shaping and organizing into the GUARD... Genetically Unnatural Apprehensions and Research Department. But the GUARD is only one of many, as the twins are hardly sloppy enough to put all their eggs in one basket, as it were. There are many, smaller groups of bio-genetisists who conduct their own experiments separate from those of the Overlords, or so they think. They're simply an extension of the twins' games... monetarily supported by them, watched over by them, given enough freedom to play and spread along their own avenues of exploration, but carefully angled and manipulated. Pawns, all of them, allowed to believe they're the kings.

Unnaturals came about almost by accident. The angled line of research had been narrowed and followed down with exciting results. GEMlabs (Genetic Expirements and Mutations), a private orgnanization, was later subsumed by the GUARD, integrated and incorporated. Their original plans of selling their creations to the highest bidder went somewhat awry when the syrum they discovered proved faulty after the birth of Old Scratch. The mutations that occured in the children took awhile to show themselves, but eventually did... and many escaped. It was thought that perhaps the in-womb deliverance of the syrum was the true problem, as Scratch was a testtube baby and the rest were naturally fertilized. This took place during the Cold War... its also when UFO sightings made their mark.. visitations from alien life forms, bodies, odd, pale, large eyed, were found, sometimes among wreckage... Martians had landed and hysteria was created. The GUARD coudln't have hoped for a better cover-up... the distraction was a godsend, perpetrated by them, upheld, and is still used to this day.

The serum was eventually perfected in the late 60's, early 70's. Administered by the government itself, they being manipulated to do so, through free health care, and even some private doctors being payed off to assist in their practices, the unborn were used as guinea pigs. The results... unnaturals. GEMlabs was still working under the idea of creating a super soldier to sell off, the GUARD wanted to recollect the mishaps, which were numerous and still out in force, creating all kinds of problems, sightings, phenomena, etc... and the Overlords watched it all, followed it carefully, and continued their control of things.

And in time, conscience got the better of a GEMlab doctor, Miltenburg, who decided the whole genetic avenue should not be pursued. With his own operatives, he hunted down and destroyed every bit of data on the syrum, almost all the files on the injected test subjects, their locations, any written logs, any thing on unnaturals... he made sure it was all lost. Or he would have. Before he was done, he was gunned down. A few of his greedier collegues decided not to destroy the knowledge they had, but, being thoroughly American, sold their knowledge to the highest bidder and made money off it. So some things slipped out, to competing countries and organizations.. and the GUARD grew to encompass them all. Only once was the syrum used on grown adults... a group of 12 young men. This went so poorly, that the entire idea was abandoned. But the twins noticed one got close.

Most unnaturals have energy related abilities and retain a human appearance, to blend in and do what it was they were made to do... some were very mutated, hardly recognizable as human, and these were the failures. Psionics were rare, and healers almost non existant, and extremely highly prized. There were side effects... genetic glitches. One is that at some point, the unnatural body goes into an odd kind of shock, and stops physically aging for about 20 years. Another is sterility, for like most mutations, they go against the natural order of things, and nature keeps them from reoccuring. Eventually, unnaturals will die out. Power transfers from parents to kids are unlikely.. and more than likely, the child of an unnatural will suffer some kind of defect.

The amount and nature of the cover ups the GUARD has to employ to hide unnaturals is staggering... from operatives in the FBI, CIA, organizations unknown, the red herrings used, planted, groups made and funded simply to continue the facades... are mind boggling. And even then, it goes deeper, the GUARD merely one of the devices used by the Overlords. They aren't the only of their kind, and none of them... NONE... know they're simply being used. So the twins, wrapped in so many layers of lies, time, money, and money does wonders, are safely kept in the dark, away from prying eyes. They've actually succeeded once in getting what they wanted, totally. Alexandr Zuriel Schreck, known to friends as Anaconda (a childhood nickname), is claimed by Helfyre as her son, and in a way, he is. But he's a rebellious one, hates the twins with a passion, and has learned how to be hard to hold. Even for them. Unfortunately, Xandr has ties with some unnaturals... and that small group got to learn the hard way about the twins (Just ask Lyeth or Aerik ). Carefully, all those who do know about Helfyre and Brimstoan keep it to themselves. Its not spoken of, and no other unnaturals are told of it. Why bother? It'd only complicate an already highly complicated situation. So the Total Truth is known to a few only, the rest living just a truth. But its enough, more than enough. And as its been going on for literally ages, it may yet go on for ages more....

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