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Galateia Rae

A tall, beautiful woman, willowy and graceful with an arched, aristocratic look, snowy skin, and fire-red hair. Her eyes are the purest emerald, cheeks just kissed with rose. She is one of the older living servants of the twins, who always keep their immediate numbers small... easily almost 2000 years old. She is extremely learned in religions, mythologies, magicks, bindings, castings, spells, applications of herbs and animal fats, blood, and the ways of nobles. She was what would be called a witch back in the days she was a human, though closer may be a sorceress. Consorter of demons and devils. And very good at it. Her own personal talent, brought to the surface by her Altering, is that of scrying... she can see almost anything anywhere, even if its hidden by wards and protectors. Even time can, for small moments, be breached. It takes her a good deal of concentration, however, so she normally does it in a darkened room, in total silence. This also drains her shortly, tires her, but her power is incredibly accurate and far-reaching. And she recovers in a few minutes. Her kind of scrying means she is adept at looking forwards and backwards in time, and into the present. She must either have -seen- her target before, or have something they have touched, or a personal affect. Anything will do.

She is, of course, loyal to the twins, having been Taken by Brimstoan long ago, but shared with Helfyre. An elegant Lady in the truest sense of the word, most likely she was high royalty back in her mortal days, and she shows it. Always dressed in gowns of silks and velvets, stylish, gorgeous, truly holding the noble air, this woman commands, even demands, respect from anyone less than her own kind, or a god. Other demons are given a passing, complimentary smile, but she's hardly interested in making their acquaintances, nor making enemies of them. Cold politeness, perhaps mild banter, and that's all. She exists only to serve the whims of the twins, but has her own pursuits and enjoyments on the side. Pale, blood-red beauty.

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