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Malantha Page

She looks very young; a rosy-cheeked, wide-eyed, innocent girl about ten years of age... vulnerable, helpless. She is crowned with a halo of bright gold hair, sunshine and sweetness. Her speciality is to mislead and misguide, but her innocence is almost palpable. Malantha induces trust in others, a need to help, to bond, to protect. Once in her web, she craftily barbs words to hurt. This often shocks her victim, but a moment later, Malantha is crying and pleading to be held. Just a troubled, hurt child who occasionally lashes out, but doesn't understand what she's doing and immediately sorry afterwards. The ulimate in personality shifts. She's very good at her games and completely wicked. She's an emotional abuser, a stress factor, a drain on feelings and love. Yet she's so skilled few indeed can help but adore her, want to love her, would do anything for her, protect her. She exudes these things, her Gift from the Altering.

Adorable, a treasure, precious, easy to cherish... and once caught in her charms, it's so very, very difficult to break free. She'll lie and weep while doing it, hurt herself and accuse another of abuse. Malantha's kind of power can pit brother against brother, lover against lover; her lies, due to the nature of her charms, are impossible for a Snared to disbelieve, even to the point of irrationality. She plays both sides at times, weaves her wickedness well... an angel, a flower, incapable of telling a falsehood. And its not just her manipulation, it stems a great deal from her talents, her Gift; hysteria, paranoia, unthinking responses, unreasonable accusations, husband to blame wife no matter the countering arguments.

To embrace her in an offer of comfort, as many have felt the need to do, is one's undoing. She has the victim then, firmly, for she always graces them with a sweet and innocent kiss on lips or cheeks, in gratitude... and the binding is complete. Snare and trap, set and executed. This "child's" abilities can throw nations into turmoil, cause wars and has indeed, for none can fault so charming a child. Subtle, devious, perfect... the only ones who may see into her games are those watching very closely from the sidelines, but to approach one of her Snared is to invite hardship; they simply won't... can't ...believe her capable of what is the truth, even if shown in their minds. She is literally infectious, addictive, such is the nature of her talents. The only way to break her bond is to chase her off, or kill her, or somehow isolate the victim from her... and slowly, as with all powerful addictions, the web will fade but not before the Snared is sick, literally, with worry and grief, and sometimes this is enough to send a severed Snared into madness and even death. Her bonds are powerful and deadly and still the Snared will never accept the truth...

She has, of course, all the abilities and weaknesses of her kind, and once bonded she can even slip into dreams, often displaying ones of the most twisted sexual nature, she the object of desire, be the Snared male or female. Or she may show images of her victim beating her, perhaps finding her bloody and ruined... whatever will hurt more, twist more, and she won't stick to just one type of dream. The dreams are eerily realistic, sensation heightened, none pleasant. Nightmares, truly, abominable, leaving the Snared shivering in cold sweat and often physically illed.

She is wholly and only loyal to the twins, incapable of love or benevolent feelings towards her playthings, though she will say she loves them, and they'll believe her. She is a demon, unlike most known, and is used to create strife, pain, and emotional agony along with massive emotional drains. She is more than adept at doing so, and more than pleased to do it.

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