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Tiamat and Khasm are Lords of Creation. They are rarely apart, but their relationship is unclear, except that they share an agenda. Little is known about either except what mythology provides, though that is most likely a warped and eroded telling of history, altered by mankind and its limited understandings. In Assyrian legend, every living thing sprang from the fertile waters of Tiamat, known as a mass of bitter waters and the female principle. Ancient and extremely powerful, she is a mother to many Darke things..and beings of Light. She is both wonderful and terrible, Creator and Destroyer. Her true name is forgotten to all existing civilizations, and many of her bretheren. Little affects her magickally or otherwise, as she is of Darke and Light, but certain spells based on ancient runes may harm her. She rarely imposes her will on others, however, except those she has sought out for a purpose. She offers no gifts and takes no souls, knowing Life and Death are her servants. And hers to command.

As of Khasm, little is also known... he is, and always has been, mute. Or so it would appear. He actually bears the Voice of Creation where even the smallest whisper causes fierce tremors and quakes. Except with Tiamat, he rarely uses his natural ability to mindspeak. He is often confused with a variety of gods, but is every bit as powerful as Tiamat, using the form of a terrible, pale three-headed dragon. He seems to follow Tiamat, almost a right-hand man, but this may not be the case. As a Lord of Creation, he shares the powers of Tiamat and the weaknesses. Neither are bound to any one form, they simply have favorites, but the fact that they are so powerful also plays against them at times... only Khasm can take on a fully human form. Tiamat, it seems, cannot wholly shed her Lordly appearance, all her forms bearing six arms and usually six eyes. Of their agenda, little is known, only that they are especially interested in the scions of Graal as breeding stock. What this means, no one knows... but they have their eyes set on Chalyss, and little will stop them. So far, being in the tavern has kept them from finding her, but that has changed. And, in truth, they are the ones who led Chalyss to the tavern in the first place.

Both Khasm and Tiamat have raised Chalyss since she was thirteen, and know her well. They have kept her from Graal all that time, protecting and nurturing her. But when she refused to allow them to raise the child she carried, impregnated by Khasm in her sleep, Tiamat tore it from Chalyss' womb and placed the unborn in her own, where it gestated quickly and then grew to maturity within a year. Chalyss later killed him to defend her friends, whom he had captive to lure her back into the many arms of Tiamat. Now they seek a new ruinling, and want Chalyss to provide it. It has also been learned that Tiamat is the Guff, that place which holds all the souls of those as yet unborn. Should she be destroyed, there would be no more souls and all children would be stillborn, unable to live. Tiamat also holds within her the souls of the restless dead.

Tiamat and Khasm have also expanded their sights for breeders, requesting of one of their Sisters, The Spirit of the Raven, Katryn, to use Shaylar as mother for a child of Khasm. She agreed and Shaylar become the first to provide Khasm with a daughter, of which he seems to be extremely proud. To protect her from the retribution of the Elders in her time, Shaylar was given Guardians... Xylina Bladestorm and Zack Thompson. Xylina was a servant of the Elders who sent her to watch Shaylar. Tia and Khasm remade her and put her in their own service, to be their eyes when that could not watch the tavern, and to report to them personally. Zack was used to protect Shaylar during her pregnancy, given an amulet by Tia that allowed him to call upon Tia's DarkeLight if he needed to help Shay. Even though Shaylar no longer carries Khasm's daughter, Zack retains the amulet with the same restrictions, a gift from Khasm to them both.


Chalyss is one darkeling the Lords are very interested in... they have used Sylff, her sister, before, but seem very intrigued in what the Rifter can produce as offspring. They have used her once before and have again recently, forcing her and Xelloss to breed. Chalyss only recently learned that Tiamat and Khasm are Lords of Creation...a slip up on Xelloss' part, which brought down punishment on them both. Twice she has been punished, the breeding the most severe thus will probably not be the last time.


Xelloss...a priest with a large mouth and one that says little. Tiamat and Khasm were most displeased with the fact that he revealed to Chalyss that which they wanted hidden from her. Tiamat punished him severely, destroying him slowly and then rebuilding his body from the soil, keeping a great amount of control over it, and awakening the fact he is an Unborn Demon, a mortal born with the potential to become a demon. And Xellos, a Mazoku, hates all demons, Darke Lords, and gods. Then he was punished again when he disobeyed them again by allowing Chalyss to remain around him when they expressly forbade it, as she got him into too trouble by asking too many questions..too many right questions. And as she is one of his few friends, he wanted her around. They were forced to breed together...a twisted and diabolical torment for them both considering their pasts. Since then it has become known that the punishment, while effective, was also merely convenient....Tia had actually used it to give Xelloss a gift he sorely needed, his daughter Khymeara. The Lords' methods may be strange and often hard to understand, but there is almost always an ulterior motive to any action they take. This includes the interest in Anubis and Chalyss, but that has to be revealed.

Tiamat also placed a personal binding on Xelloss... his first ever. They are keeping an eye on Xelloss... and Chalyss. In a cruel twist brought on by Majeck, the child god, Tiamat had rescued and healed Xelloss and his memory sphere, but she did not give it back to him before altering his memories and tricking him into believing he loves them as parents and making him totally trusting and devoted to them.


Anubis, the Ancient, and only existing half-lung (Japanese Dragon) left in existance. Tiamat and Khasm realized the importance of this and promplty took advantage of it, and the fact that Serafelle turned him into a woman as a twisted prank, to breed him/her with Chalyss, whom Tiamat bound in male form. Anubis became pregnant shortly after and, with Chalyss and by his/her suggestion, called upon the Lords. They took the children (Anubis had conceived twins), mere days after conception. These embryos were gestated inside Tiamat along with Khymeara Da'Anae, the child of Chalyss and Xelloss, floating in the Guff. Khasm has also revealed a fondness for Anubis, now male again, as he is the only remaining half-lung, and Khasm is Creator of Dragons. Depending on how these new breeds turn out, his sons being T`aman Shen, a quarter demon, and Yukio Kagami, a full Lung, Tia and Khasm may breed Anubis again.


The Eternal Night is a Destroyer from another Domain, a Domain the True Fae, creations of Tiamat, made and made poorly. Night, having no help from his fellow Creators and Destroyers, who had become very lax in their jobs, took it upon himself to correct the Domain, which quickly proved to be a losing battle. In desperation, he created Dark Child which was finally awakened in Denegol, a half Fae/Dragon Night looked on as a son. Night also travelled to this Domain to seek the aid of Tiamat, who holds the souls of this Domain (the Holder in Night's Domain was irresponsible and handed out far too many; 4000 births for every one death) in order to learn how to destroy souls and cull the over-life of his Domain. After a token of good faith from Night, Tiamat agreed and aided him, admiring what he attempted to do. After that, Tia and Night occasionally continued to see eachother, mostly because Tia desired to help him in his attempt to fix his Domain.

Things went from there and Tiamat soon came to care very deeply for Night. Unfortunately, this went against every Law in both Domains. Night was viciously attacked in his own Domain, eventually, and barely escaped to this one alive. Tiamat took him in, offering strength, and the relationship escalated. This proved too much for the Law's Enforcers and the First Enforcer, Acadanian, an old friend of Tiamat's, was forced to step in and try to separate the two. Tia took this badly and turned her back on the Laws, going fully Rogue, even though she'd been skating the line for quite sometime. Night vanished with her and Denegol to his Realm, where Night and Tiamat were married under Night's Law... If you bed them, you wed them. This development is discouraging to Acadanian, though he understands, and actually makes Khasm quite happy... he always thought Tia was too uptight.