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Height: 6 ft.
Eyes: Bright blue
Hair: White/Buff

T`aman is one of the twins begotten by Anubis while still under Serafelle's prank, and Chalyss who was a man. Anubis is the mother of the twins, one, T`aman Shen is the quarter blood darkling favoring Chalyss' side. The other, Yukio Kagami, is full Lung (Japanese Dragon), a very rare creature and what Tiamat and Khasm hoped for when they bred Chalyss and Anubis. T`aman, is in truth, a by-product that was unwanted. Weaker than a darkling and not being half demon, he is not nearly so formidable as his father, but not a weakling either. He can call upon the netherarmor though it is not so strong as Chalyss', he can heal and minimally shapeshift, but is quite empathic and has some psionics. He does not show red skin when he dons his armour, nor does he have a weapon that is an extension of him as a darkling does.

He is physically weaker than his father (Chalyss) and his skin integrity is not so strong, making him only stone-hard instead of steel-hard. As his father can, T`aman is capable of seeing in full darkness, has heightened senses, and some elemental control.

T`aman bears his mother's eyes, being blue, but looks very little like either of them, Khasm having imprinted his image on the boy when still in the Guff where he and Yukio were held until physical maturity. Both are still very young in the mind, but nothing like their half-sister, Khymeara who is a ruinling and far, far stronger. T`aman's bloodgift is of speed.....he can run for extended lengths at over 200 miles per hour. His reflex time works in accordance with that, making him incredibly fast. He can inherently learn magic quickly and easily, and is far less susceptible to charms and the demonic control his father experiences. In fact, he need not worry about that at all. He cannot call upon a full demon side as Chalyss or another darkeling can, but can call upon the demon blood for extra strength if needed...a kind of boost.


T`aman and Yukio's father, Chalyss is the darkeling whom T`aman favors in most areas, which should please her... for he is the first, out of four children, to do so.


The twins' mother, Anubis, not that he wants to be called mother. Yukio favors Anubis more than Chalyss having pooled all the Lung blood. Yukio is calmer than all of them, and does not like the company of mortals, but is fiercely loyal to his mother especially, who shares the Lung blood.


The Lords of Creation who forced Anubis and Chalyss to breed, taking advantage of Serafelle's prank to use a half-lung female, a very rare thing, for procreation. Though Khasm had given Anubis quite an urge to help with the breeding, at least it was with Chalyss, who was bound as a man. The two had already paired off. But, as Anubis said, what a way for a man to lose a 1000 year-old virginity, as a woman.

It did not take Chalyss long to impregnate Anubis, and after a short time the two summoned T&K and had the children removed, which Tia did, placing them in the Guff to await maturity. Finally that wait was over and T`aman can meet his parents. It is known that Khasm is Creator of Dragons and has a special liking for Anubis and Yukio, the latter of which he has taken underwing and will train away from mortals.


Khym is the half sister of T`aman and Yukio, daughter of Chalyss and Xelloss, another result of forced breeding by T&K. A powerful Ruinling, she knows the twins, having shared time with them in the Guff. They know her as well, and she often had visited them, telling them about their mother and father, and keeping them abreast of the goings on in the tavern. A sweet and innocent child, she appears to be fully grown, and is physically, though mentally she is little more than a six year old, most the time, hating when she has to act grown-up.