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Real Name: Raquel Darien
Height: 6'1
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Auburn


Hyaline is a cyhunter, which means she is a cyborg, loyal to the GUARD. Her suit allows her to become intangible or invisible at any time she wills it, but she may only choose to do one or the other. As a cyborg, she has hyper-enhanced speed, reflexes, vision, hearing, infra-red sight, super strength, flexibilty, endurance, an array of inbuilt weapons, a complex computer brain (partial) which grants her some psionic abilities and incredibly fast processing/thought capabilities.


Contact is an ex GUARD operative whom Hyaline is charged to bring back to the Complex as she is supposed to do for all R.UN.ners. She has worked with Contact before and knows her strengths and weaknesses. Not friends, Hyaline has no compunctions about using ecsessive force to bring this rogue back. Ex-GUARDian and a R.UN.ner.


Hyaline has only heard of this one, but knows that she will soon have to confront if she wants Contact and the other R.UN.ners.


Yndia is the young unnatural who is the Highlord's legal charge and involved with Chalyss and Contact. Hyaline knows she will have to be extra careful bringing this R.UN.ner hurt her is to gain the Highlord's displeasure.


Old Scratch is the superior officer of Hyaline and all Hunters, Cyhunters. He is not more powerful, but she is programmed to obey him. Unfortunately, Hyaline's program has been damaged, and, with enough willpower, she will be able to disobey his orders, and even attack him if she wishes. Scratch in unaware of this as is any GUARD operative.


Gild is an illusionist, escape artist, and thief....hard to catch and harder to hold. Infra-red may reveal his true form depending on the illusion used, but if he's tricky enough, he can create illusions of infra-red outline and fool the Cyhunter. But it's hard to hide from something you don't know is coming.


A failed prototype for a new breed of Hunters...a technohunter. This one glitched first in the labs and then out in the field. Now it has taken on the personality of a deceased natural known as Paul Malone, and is a very large threat to the GUARD.


Talon is an enigma to the GUARD, being neither natural or unnatural, but supernatural, as is Chalyss. They do not know how to kill her, and all attempts fail miserably. She can be hurt and she can bleed. Beyond that, they are stumped.

**...G.U.A.R.D.=Genetically Unnatural Apprehensions and Research Department
***R.UN.ner= Rogue Unnatural

((All Unnaturals receive their monickers from the GUARD, who use them as filenames. Whether they accept the use of the names or not is a personal choice.))