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The Deed is Done

*Chalyss walks calmly through one of her rifts, something she hasn't done in quite awhile... simply stroll. The "hallways" are bright, veilfire light playing over the planes of her face, and she can feel the doorways about her, even though no crag or portal can be seen. She pauses before such a space, tips her head, and smiles. This one felt interesting... on a whim, the walls part, a rift in space tearing open, and she peeks out, carefully. Woods... a forest, yet not of the tavern. The smells and sounds are different. With a small hum and an arched brow, she steps out fully, the rift closing... this could be fun*

*she pauses- a smile of something other than simple delight crossing her lips* well....guess who's here.....*someone she's been wanting to talk to ever since a certain visit to her temple. Three hands clench, drawing something like blood from their palms- then she starts walking towards Chalyss.*

*She can hear the soft crunch of footsteps on the fallen leaves, and turns towards them, blinking slowly* Hullo..? *she ducks her head, straining to see thru the tree branches, eyes narrowed. The ghost figure of a woman.. with six arms, she thinks. Tia..? No.. definitely not. Well, then. Never one to be shy, she steps forward, pushing flora out of her way, over-confident in her own skills and abilities*

*she pauses just before her- smirking slightly.* well....if it isn't seem to have recovered a few things- mainly your sanity- since I last saw you...

*The demonhalf freezes in place, stares wide-eyed at the goddess a moment, before speaking slowly, precisely* How do you know my name? *she ignores the rest, the comment about sanity simply rolling away, out of her thoughts, before they even take hold... the entire incident is not remembered, not even the attack on the temple*

I know the name of any being who enters my temples...*a low, angry hiss* I remember the names even better when they helped kill many of my priests... *personally- she doesn't care if Chalyss has forgotten.* I owe you quite bit...

*Dark eyes narrow further, and Chalyss pulls herself straighter. The tone of the woman's voice is far, far from friendly... and Chalyss, as always, prepares for physical conflict, hands curling into fists at her side. She stands her ground, voice tight and lowering* Look, Lady... I have no idea who you are, or what the heck you are, and quite frankly, I don't care. You get up in my face, though, and we'll have a few problems. You picking up what I'm throwing down? *she warns the once... she won't again... and most of what Vora says isn't kept*

*an amused smile touches her lips- and Vora steps forward, very calmly- literally getting in Chal's face.* *coldly* You really think I'm afraid of you? *debating on a punishment....what would cause this one pain enough to make up for the attack?*

*Chalyss doesn't back down, in fact, she steps forward, touching almost chest-to-chest, a clear challenge. It doesn't occur to her that this woman may be stronger.. or if it does, she doesn't care. She was never one to show fear or even, really, common sense in such situations. Her face is a dark mask of rising violence, tone low, a growl, a snarl on her lips* I didn't ask if you were. And I don't give a rat's lily-white HINDER if yer not. I don't know you... never seen you before. But I'll rearrange that face of yers if you don't step BACK, bitch.

Aren't we the confident one. *suddenly lashes out- mentally. An array of images torn from her priests- Chal attacking and killing them- then a view from that massive statue of the half demoness...* *she also seeks to find what would hurt Chalyss, reaching for her thoughts lightly, trying to use the image-barrage to hide what she's doing.*

*Chalyss has shields... natural ones and learned ones, but she's no match for a goddess, and foolishly expected only a physical battle. Due to the way Khasm rebuilt her mind, the images find no purchase, none at all, not even seen by her. The only thing she gets from it is a kind of flurry of motion, making her head spin a bit, but far from confusing or incapacitating her. What she /does/ learn is that she's under an attack of sorts... and lashes back out in the ways she can. Claws appear in less than a blink and she moves with lightening speed, slashing down at the woman, even as she prepares to slam her into an inverted rift... as for the openess of Chalyss' mind, a few images leak out... her husband*

so the little demon-human mutt has some who cares about her enough to marry her...*smirks* well..I think I can work with that...*calmly swinging her arm in the way- like she cares if the demon-half tears up this false form.* time to have a little fun...

*A growl of frustration... she -wants- to see the woman lying in bloody ribbons, NOT being calm about an attack. Still, she presses onward, using the violence to mask her true attack, an inverted rift she -attempts- to slam down around the woman's ears at that very moment. She doesn't answer any of the remarks, but that smirk... yes, she wants those lips -ripped- off that face...*

*she knows of the rifts- and isn't worried. She simply puts up a sort of brace- letting her open it- but keeping a sort of ''bar'' to keep it from managing anymore.* very that the best you can do? *grappling with her- easy thing to do when you have spare hands- her lowest set lashing out for chal's stomach. just a bit of blood- and she can have her fun...*

*The rift opens, but is blocked in a way Chalyss has never experienced before... it warps the rift, which is space turned inside out, not physically visible from the outside, not really.. it works at the bar, trying to bypass it, trying to do what it -does-... and Chalyss winces as it tugs at her* ...Crap... *a small breath with some obvious strain in it. Again, she doesn't answer the remarks, she learned long ago, from Sylff, how to handle such things. Tension with the refused rift scrambles at her, she doesn't dodge the attack in time, barely even sees it... contact is made.. the strong Elder goddess tearing through easily enough. The demonhalf bites back a yelp of pain, gasping instead*

*she smirks as her hands close around muscles inside the stomach, the blood washing over them.* you really should learn when to run away, Chalyss...*the bar will hold at least long enough for Vora to have her fun....she begins reaching into the blood- and through it the rest of the body- changing small things here and there- rearranging this or that bit of DNA, shifting these hormones to some other hormones instead- smirking the whole while.*

*A strangled cry of agony as the hand grips the inner muscles in her gut, and it takes everything for Chalyss not to fall to her knees in utter pain… she can’t -hear- Vora’s admonishment, a roar of noise in her ears. Then… the changes. Her throat tightens, clenches, things altering, flesh remolding itself, parts vanishing, others appearing, an entire alteration… chemicals change, hormones surge and fall back. The scream that follows is almost inhuman, and short-lived. Her throat cuts it off, barely allowing air, darkness claiming her vision as it proves to be too much, the demonhalf beginning to pass out. The last edge of the cry is lower, tho, rougher, pitched in an agonized tenor. Clothes rip as the body expands, muscles forming where there were none, curves sharpening, streamlining… and it goes on, the pain… on and on…*

*she watches the change- cleaning the nails on her middle left hand, glancing over from time to time to see how the change is going- then back to her cleaning* could you scream just a bit louder? they aren't /quite/ ringing yet...

*The screams are over, the throat raw and pained, Chalyss slumped, finally to his knees, palms, flat on the ground of the forest, all that holds the man from falling flat on his face. Stubbornness, it’s sheer stubbornness that keeps him upright. The wound begins to heal slowly, his own healing abilities kicking in… half-dressed, clothes in tatters, and breathing shallow, quick, desperate pantings, Chalyss lifts his head, glares from under the blonde hair that falls in his face, blood on his lips solely from where he’d bitten through the flesh to hold back cries* …Screw off, bitch… *weak, to be sure, pained. And… not the right tone. His eyes widen as he hears it, the next glance to his hands, staring there for a long moment before lamenting in low moans* …no….nonono… not again…

*looking HIM over.* well, at this point in time, I can't say as I'd mind the screwing. *slight shrug- then a pout* been this way before? humph- so much for originality. *smirks* but it should give you pain of the heart to match pain of the physical. *turning to simply stroll off.* oh, yes by the way- my name is Voragonna....I'm sure some of your acquaintances will know it....

*his face screws up in a small wrinkle of involuntary disgust at Vora’s /not minding/… he wasn’t gay.. he didn’t like women -that- way… and the thought, mixed with knowledge of what he now -is- makes him blink. Sure, Anubis being a woman had been different… he’d LOVED Anubis… knew it was still him even in the female form. But NEVER that -bitch-… the other words, however, penetrate. Pain of heart… his brows furrow upwards, eyes closing. Anubis didn’t like men… and he was most definitely a -man- now. Same mind, for the most part… maybe changed a bit, less of a female mindset… but ---- A soft breath of dismay, and he bites his lip, lowering his head. His belly hurt… it would take a while to recover fully from -that- wound* ….Voragonna… *he snarls it over blood-flecked lips* I won’t forget. Fucking Bitch. *the glare that sparks out from under the blonde hair is positively murderous, demonic, a yellow flash, but he doesn’t follow. Even Chalyss will concede, tho he won’t submit*

*pauses to wave farewell, smiling* Promises, promises- you've already forgotten me once. tsk. good luck with your husband...*smirks*

*Chalyss stands lowly, hand unconsciously on his belly, flesh slick with blood there. He glares viciously, bares his teeth, growls in a low, wolf-like tone* I never knew you. *but the last of it strikes deep, an internalized pain… his husband. The inverted rift is finally remembered and dismissed, a new rift opening, one back to the house. This was not going to go well… he takes a breath, steels himself, and steps into the rift, letting it slide shut behind him as if nothing was ever there, save that the demonhalf sanguine yet lies in a pool on the forest floor…*

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