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Real Name: Lillith Charron
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 123lbs.
Eyes: Luminous green, slitted and reflective like a cat's
Hair: Black


Lillith was born in Austin, Texas, but her parents moved eight months later and were stationed in Hawaii on the Naval Base there. Her father died when she was eight and her mother disappeared shortly after that. Lillith was forced to raise herself on the streets of Oahu, running from the authorities who wanted to send her back to the Mainland. But Lil was one of the few Unnaturals still on file with the G.U.A.R.D. and they eventually tracked her down and finally managed to apprehend her after a brief and bloody fight. At fourteen, she was forced back to the States, under GUARD control and extremely angry about the whole affair. The GUARD, finding her powers highly condusive to assassinations, trained her vigorously in espionage, spying, assassination, and hand to hand combat. She is also extremely learned with computers, having to have known all kinds of alarm systems, and how to hack into any system. She is rebellious and resentful still, rarely speaking "Ferfect English" as the Locals call Mainland English, and often employs Pidgin English much to the dismay of the GUARD, who spent a considerable sum of money tutoring her in proper speech, etiquette, and manners.

Lillith was also married for several years to another GUARD assassin named Damique. The GUARD authorities discourage marriage, especially between operatives, and neatly disposed of Damique (who was the weaker of the pair and a liability), wiping out any evidence that he ever existed, except for Lillith's memories. She herself only learned recently that her husband's death was not accidental. She had been a devoted GUARD member for over a decade....but when she found out they lied to her about her husband's death, she ran from them, unable to tolerate lies. She met up with Chalyss shortly after, at the GUARD complex where Chalyss and Snowfire were planning a strike, and convinced them to let her easy task as Chalyss and her friends had gone against Contact before and were enemies. After the strike, Contact denounced all ties with the GUARD and Chalyss reluctantly agreed to allow Lil to live with her and the others. So far, Chalyss has not regreted the decision and Contact has proven to be a good friend and faithful ally with a great deal to offer in way of information and battle expertise. Lil has since tracked down and killed those responsible for her husband's death.


Contact is a highly trained, professional assassin, proficient in many weapons, hand to hand combat, several forms of martial arts, and is a computer genius. Her greatest strength, however, lies in her unnatural abilities, which was a great asset to the GUARD. Contact has the power to charge an object, ANY object, with her own psionic signature. This signature, when correctly applied, allows her access to whomever she instills it into and gives her power hold. It takes her an hour to charge a weapon, and she has only one charge per weapon, one explosion per charge. Her charges last on the weapon and in the victim until she chooses to use it...but she MAY not dispell a charge, only let it lay dormant if she chooses not to use it. She transfers the charge over to another through physical contact, either with the charged weapon or through flesh to flesh contact. She has several things that are now permanently charged for having been on her person so long. These include her spiked gloves and the dagger she hides in her clothing. Her own skin can also transfer the charge.

However, the charge will not transfer unless the skin of the victim is damaged, for it takes blood and/or damage for the charge to take hold. The more the damage, the greater the explosion. Bruising works, but the explosion is weak. The more blood drawn, the greater the charge's hold, and the more devastating the results. For these reasons she often employs crossbow bolts, throwing stars, bullets, daggers, spikes, and stilletos. Once marked and charged, she can use it any time, which is why she was so useful as an assassin...she need only scratch a victim and walk away, exploding the charge days later or longer. If a weapon is charged, she need not be the one to apply the charge...another may. None may remove the charge once it is in place. The placing wound may be healed, but the signature remains in the blood. Contact does not need to be any where near the victim to use the charge. This power, blended with her very honed skills, makes her extremely lethal. As for physical strength, she has as much as a woman her age who engages in regular intensive exercise and training will have, but she does have an inborn natural grace, stealth, speed, and flexibility. Her senses are also highly acute. She is very adept at hiding in plain sight and disappearing in the shadows. When she expends her charges, her green eyes visibly flash a luminous green, so she also carries dark black shades with her to shield others from seeing her eyes.

Once Valyn de Balois was freed of his charges by Saberyl, a time dragoness, Aerik Winters, Lyeth's (Whitefyre) cousin, turned Lillith over to the elf, who promptly pumped her full of magical charges. And used one, ruining her ankle for quite some time. Since then, she's sought out the training of the Darkeling Endorra, a daughter of the Darke Lord Tarasque. While not overly powerful, especially not yet, Lillith has skills in neutral and shamanistic magicks now. And the charges implanted by Valyn have been removed by Endorra herself.


Whitefyre is a fellow R.UN.ner and unnatural Contact met through Chalyss. They are good enough friends and are both very loyal to Chalyss. Contact trusts Whitefyre completely.

Chalyss and Contact are close friends who started out as bitter enemies. They have since learned to trust one another and Contact has become very loyal to Chalyss, even living with her on Earth. She and Chalyss share a similar appetite for violence and blood and Chalyss is one of the few who can actually understand Pidgin.


Valyn de Balois, the elf whom Whitefyre and Contact tagged-teamed. She managed to kill him, but he was brought back by the Jewel. She now has him charged in several places....the thigh, base of the spine, the ankle, the face, the shoulder, the ribs and the hamstring turning him into a walking explosive she can detonate at any time she wishes. All for Jeweling Chalyss. Unfortunately, a very meddling Saberyl, a time dragoness, uncharged him by taking him back in time before the charges were placed. Contact is NOT happy about that.

G.U.A.R.D.....Genetically Unnatural Apprehensions and Research Department
R.UN.ner......Rogue Unnatural
*All unnaturals are given their monickers by the GUARD for filing purposes. If they choose to use their filenames that is a personal choice.