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Daughter of the Darke Lord Graal, one of four siblings still alive, and the youngest. Chalyss' full name is Chalyss Rachel Storme, and she was born to a woman named Doreen Storme, a powerful witch and coven leader. Doreen struck a bargain with Graal; she would bear his child and he would increase her power a hundred fold. But at the last moment, when Graal was to claim the child, she absconded Chalyss, fleeing into the dark morning. For thirteen years, Chalyss and Doreen ran and hid from the enraged Graal, who hunted them. Doreen's mother, Colleen, owner of StormeKings Shipping in England, often managed to supply her daughter and granddaughter with money to use. And sometimes Doreen would use her own magicks and, Chalyss suspects, her body for the times when Colleen could not risk sending aid. Chalyss has lived, at least for a week, in almost every country.

Never around long enough in one place to make friends, her life was a hectic one, full of fear and fleeing from someone she did not know. Eventually, Graal caught up with them on Chalyss' 13th birthday. Hidden by more than a drape, the young darkling watched her mother be torn limb to limb by her father, a black man-thing. Graal could not find Chalyss, however, though neither knew why at the time. The authorities took possession of the girl until her Grandmother could move into the States and care for her. It was Colleen who arranged for a birth certificate and pushed enough money in the right places to keep her Granddaughter from being sent to therapists. Shortly before her Grandmother took her in, Chalyss learned of Kurlee and Moe, two small demons who claimed she was their "mother", their creators, born of her desperation and sadness. Chalyss managed to keep them hidden for years, never knowing what they truly were. When Chalyss was 18, Colleen fell ill of a rare blood disease and flew back to England to enlist the help of doctors there.

During the next three and a half years, Chalyss (called Rachel) went to college studying to become a jazz musician, and met Sherron Keefer there. The two became fast friends, closer than sisters. Rachel became the "adopted" daughter of Sherron's parents and caught the eye of Sherron's younger brother, Emmanuel. Rachel often had nightmares of her mother's brutal murder, but as she reached her 21st birthday, the dreams were worse than ever. A new serial killer emerged in the streets, dubbed the Scarlet Slasher by the idiot media, and Rachel would dream of the murders knowing the details before they were released. She eventually told Sherron of this as it was causing her great distress, and Sherron advised professional help, which Rae flatly refused. Both young women believed Rae to be somehow bonded to the Slasher psychically. The dreams of the killing continued until the night Rachel dreamt of Sherron's death, the last she would dream. But it still wasn't until after the funeral that Rachel learned she had been the Slasher, when her demon self finally merged completely with her human self, and ended the conflict... for the Slasher had been the demonhalf fighting for its own existence in the world.

Learning this, Rachel ran to Kurlee and Moe for help, knowing only she was the killer, not what she truly was. Kurlee (Moe is mute) explained certain things to Rachel who, much to her surprise, discovered her heritage. Since then, she has also discovered Kurlee and Moe's real intent and forms. They had been the ones keeping Graal from finding her since her mother's murder, and they alone. Their reasons were simple... Rachel was good breeding. No one but the two demons know their own agendas, but they seem to include children of Graal. As Rachel would later learn, Sylff was also used in this manner, seduced by Moe in sleep, impregnated and callously used to produce Ruinlings (those of Full Demon and Half Demon parents). Rachel was actually happy to discover she was pregnant, though she had no idea how that could be possible since she was still a virgin at 21, but when she attempted to tell Kurlee and Moe the news, they revealed themselves to her, being really Tiamat and Khasm, ancient Lords of staggering power. Refusing to allow Tiamat to raise the child, Tiamat literally tore the embryo from Rachel's womb and placed it in her own, leaving Rachel to wallow in pain and the knowledge that her firstborn was a son. Rachel survived and met up with her son, S'karr, a year and a half later. He was full grown by that time, as Ruinlings will be, and after some heated battles she did not want, she ended up slaying her son as he lay begging her for mercy, as she had once stopped Sylff from doing to her Ruinling son, Hellrazer. Since the event of Colleen's death due to her disease, Rachel has inherited the family shipping business. Not the greatest of proprietors, Rae has given the run of the business to her sister, Sylff (Sylvia Killman), a dragonlady of Wall Street. It has done very well since then and Rae is hardly hurting for funds.

Her skin color marks her clan heritage; red with yellow eyes. As other children of Graal, she has the bloodgift of travel and is known as the Rifter, the child Graal desired from the beginning of time. She has the power to create rifts between the veils of what is seen and unseen, our dimension and the ethereal. Her ancient siblings were the fierce Fomorians of Ireland, slaughtered by their kin, the Tuatha De Dannon. Chalyss is a serial killer, and has murdered men, women and children alike, for the sport, though she was unaware of her actions at the time. She bears this burden of slayings which include her best friend, Sherron Keefer, who's body will never fully be found. Attempting suicide, she discovered she could not cut herself, runing every sharp object in her house, and even small caliber weapons cannot harm her. One of her attempts included buying a shotgun and placing the barrel in her mouth; while she did lose consciousness for several seconds from the concusive force, she easily survived much to her dismay.

Only a being stronger than she may hurt her. And as killing offers a Darkeling strength, she is quite powerful. There is a downside to this feature: Rae cannot feel anything or anyone who is not strong enough to hurt her, either. Heat and cold are unknown to her anymore. The pelting of rain on her face, the soft fur of a kitten, the touch of normal humans... she cannot experience these things. On the upside, she doesn't feel a stubbed toe or suffer from papercuts. Chalyss has low level shapeshifting abilities, healing, and the ability to speak in tongues. She can instantly recognize a lie, but may not know the truth. She can control or at least greatly influence the actions of any demonic being lower than she, but can be influenced by those higher. Holy weapons and incantations do not affect her and she is a follower of faith herself. She may hide her demon nature from a creature less powerful than herself, and, in turn, be hidden from the truth of the demonic nature of a being more powerful than herself. Her rifts allow her to transport where ever, but not when ever, she wishes. Unfortunately, too much use of the rifts will collapse the barriers between veils and unleash the Hell-trapped demons onto Earth, allowing them dominance over all. Eventually, she will also be able to form solid objects from the veilfire. Brute force works best on her, but woe to the one who forces her to give in completely to her darkeside! Her physical strength is very great, and she's able to lift/press at least 15 tons currently. She possesses minor psionic abilities which are used defensively: shielding from mental attacks and in conjunction with her healing talents, which are much greater on herself than others she tries to heal. Wounds upon her own person will mend quite quickly, but she's far more limited in healing others. She is not a telepath and cannot read minds, though her minor empathathic powers lend to a kind of sensitivity that could be termed Vast Insight... extremely good guesses of others' thoughts and feelings that sometimes translate into an eerie ability that appears almost telepathic. She has much to learn in this area, however.

Chalyss has both human, halfhuman and demon forms. Her nether armor affords her greater protection against spirit-based and energy attacks than if she had not called it forward. The nether armor can not be removed from her body save perhaps in the instance of death. When in her armor, she can appear only as red-skinned, yellow-eyed and with auburn hair. Outside this strange protection, Challie can be any color she wishes.

Height: 5 feet, 10 inches
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Green/Yellow - Arbitrary
Hair: Brown/Auburn - Arbitrary
Skin: Caucasian of European descent or scarlet - Arbitrary

Birthday: Nov. 1st, 1978
Birthplace: Boulder, CO
Base of Operations: Spokane, WA