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~For Services at the Spa~

$40 MSD & SD
$36 14" - 11"
$33 for 10" and under

*Wiping old faceup:
$5 (if necessary)

*Body blushing (no sanding):
$30 MSD & SD
$26 for 14" - 11"
$23 for 10" and under

$4 each or $7 together

*Ear piercing:
$5 per set

$10 for simple, up to $25 or more depending on complexity

$5 (black, brown, or blonde if available. Not available on dolls 6" and under)

*The Works (faceup, blushing, manicure, pedicure, piercing):
$85 MSD & SD
$75 for 14" - 11"
$70 for 10" and under

I use Mister Super Clear flat for sealing, along with gloss for lips and eyes. Shipping to and from the Spa is up to you. I will choose the best and cheapest way unless you request otherwise, such as 2nd day air, etc...
If you are interested in your resin or vinyl child visiting Spa Becky, please send me an email at with the subject "Spa Becky". I will email you back with any questions, details will be defined and I will request half the fees up front and the remainder to be paid before shipping back. Feel free to ask any and all questions. Thank you for visiting!

Examples of Spa pampering:

Spa Gallery

Personal Gallery