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Chalyss Storme

:||:~ VORAGONNA ~:||:
~ A wicked goddess of war, pain and torture, beautiful, like a death-spiral, a dervish, six-armed, deadly... blades and a bad temper. For you, a fitting punishment... for you, agony. And oh, on all levels. Heart, mind, body, soul... changed, changed. From the atoms up, as if she had always been... he. And she laughed, fist imbedded in Chalyss' belly, altering, rebirthing, rebuilding... and she smiled, gloriously, enough to strip mortal flesh from bone, like a bloody lash, then trailed away... ~

She crumpled best she could, goddess forcing her to remain, for awhile, upright, that arm not giving as she slumped, intensifying the agony. She cried out... and in the midst of that, the voice so strained, the pitch altered, deepening, a new tone and timbre. And finally, like a tiny mercy, Chalyss was allowed the gift of falling to his knees. His knees. Not the first time was it that Chalyss found himself a man. He'd fathered twins as one before, not so very long ago. But oh, this was different. Not the gentle changes of a Creator desiring specific offspring, the last full Lung (dragon), but solid, unwavering. No hope of change. Or was there? Anubis had been a woman then, he wasn't now. And Anubis, despite his overwhelming love for Chalyss, could not, would not, was unable... to overlook the fact his wife was now... his husband. PAIN.

Morals prohibited both from staying married... though certainly Chalyss would have abandoned even her religious obligations to stay with Anubis, whom he loved more than anything else upon this, or any, planet. But no... marriage dissolved, divorce... it wouldn't have been recognized anyway in the courts anymore... and the two parted ways. Both still search for a cure, a fix, but hope is less than a candleflame in the wind... Voragonna's powers, that of an Elder God, were nothing to dismiss lightly. Rebuilt. Reborn. Phoenix. Darkeling son of Graal. As if always. Grief. Lamentations. Sorrow. Could anything worse be done? Chalyss has learned not to ask, and to never, ever challenge another in such a manner, for surely, somewhere, somehow, it could get worse...

Anguish. Despair. Rending. Heartache.
Not the first time, certainly not the last. And the sun still rises... it still sets. Life goes on...

The Archives... Chalyss' past.

The Story... Chalyss' Change.

The Legal Mumbo Jumbo
All characters contained on following pages, or their distinct likenesses, the names Unnaturals, Hunters, R.UN.ners, GEMlabs, and G.U.A.R.D. are copyrighted under law by Rebecca Baerman, 1987-2001. Artwork excluded in this claim would be any that she herself did not draw which belong to their respective owners and creators legally. What will eventually be printed will not include borrowed images, and Rebecca Baerman makes no claim to them as her own.